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02 January 2007


Shuna -
Happy New Year! I've been very impressed with your blogging productivity given your new job. Enjoy your day of rest today and thank you for making 2006 tasty.


Happy New Year!

Regarding apples, I recently made a wonderful sour cream apple pie. It had a crunchy brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and flour topping. The apples and sour cream combination was nice because it didn't have that typical apple juice runny-ness that seems to accompany my current apple pie recipe. And I like very much that the apples don't bake down and leave an empty spot under the top crust. It's great with cinnamon ice cream or a little whipped cream. I've been thinking it would also be lovely with a brandy caramel sauce I usually make for bread pudding.

Or maybe bread pudding with apples in it?

Just a thought for your possible inspiration. (You inspire me regularly.)


Happy New Year.
Have you seen the gateau aux pommes in the Ferry Plaza cookbook? It cooks for 14 hours and comes out looking like membrillo. It's beautiful. But I doubt you'd want a recipe that takes that long to make.
go see

Happiest of New Years Shuna Fish....thanks for sharing so much of your wonderful self here. Hugs are waiting for you!!!

Happy New Year and get a little rest! What I miss about apples are apple dumplings like the Amish women used to make back in PA. Not too doughy, hot, spiced with cinnamon, and crowned with a scoop of luscious vanilla ice cream.

Hmmmm. A bath. And maybe cardamom with those apples. And some caremelized brown sugar something. And maybe pomegranate at the end to brighten. Happy rest.

Hey Shuna..I feel your pain. I was at work until 10:30 Sunday night. Prix fixe menu so only 4 desserts but man was I tired when I got home. We were closed Monday but back to work again this morning.

I served an apple galette w/ some riesling sabayon & ginger ice cream. Very simple & very good.

I remember working (nine years!) in restaurants, and wishing I could unhitch my legs while I slept, and let them soak in a hot bath all night.

Take care, Shuna!

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