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23 January 2007


Your pain still sounds so raw. I have been around a long time, and made many career mistakes, but the one thing that I do know is that good sincere people do not always flourish in every situation. I hope your passion carries you into a happier situation

Yummm, pancakes. Just what the Tuesday doctor ordered!

You wrote,"The "why's" rarely appear in cookbooks because few authors can afford to pay for recipe testing, let alone all the extra pages it would take to go into full explanations for each recipe and its corresponding set of ingredients and method." Ah yes, but the why's and wherefore's DO appear in Cook's Illustrated, a magazine and eponymous website . This has long been my favorite "food geek" resource, because they test recipes every which way, and each article begins with the tried-and-true "problem-solution" structure, e.g., We wanted an omelete that was light and fluffy but stood up to some weighty fillings. Then they go on to tell you the forty-odd things they tried along the way, and even sometimes offer little food chemistry lessons complete with molecule diagrams showing what different ingredients do under different conditions. Of course readers can then go and modify on their own, but this unequaled resource gives a great start, especially for beginners. Oh, and they have some great pancake recipes!

Dear Shuna,

I have been reading your blog since the summer -- it's one of my daily highlights. Although you've written many wonderful pieces, this one on pancakes is exceptionally tender (no pun intended). Maybe it's the photograph you've featured.

Pancakes are always the first meal I cook for my sister when I go back to my parents' house. I use a stodgy recipe from Laurel's Kitchen -- buttermilk pancakes are infinitely better -- but it's "ours."

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