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09 January 2007


I found your blog among the nominees for the food blog awards. Congratulations and best wishes for a very good 2007.

Best thing about the Food Blog Awards?

The fact that we all discovered sites we never knew existed, because of the Food Blog Awards.

Congratulations on your much-deserved (and runaway) victory in the Food Industry category. Your blog is really without equal; your poetic writing, your gorgeous photographs. You make our industry beautiful, in the way you portray it, even when you think you couldn't possibly...

So happy to have found this place... and good luck with your work break-up. You'll find work-love again, but in the meantime, it's your party, just cry if you want to. :-)

Cheers to Eggbeater!

Congratulations Shuna! I love reading here, and am glad that many others feel the same.

congratulations on your win in the Food Industry category, cousin Shuna!

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