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18 January 2007


i absolutely really loved that avocado citrus condensed milk dish myself.

unfortunately when i went that pain perdu was not on the menu which kills me cos it sounds so good.

and chocolate lime as a pairing has been a favourite of mine for a long time, ie I make a lot of pierre herme recipe chocolate lime truffles. I they make a magical, unexpected combination.

glad you got there at last.

Hi Shuna,
That menu sounds amazing. I think I would have to fast for several days though, before taking on so many different foods at one sitting. Yummmmm...

gawd woman@ THAT is decedence! If we make it to the area I hope my SO and I have an opportunity for a gastronomic adventure such as you and J shared. Rah!

Man, I'd love to go to the citrus dinner. I'll actually be in SF that weekend (taking a marmelade class with June Taylor largely thanks to you!) but I think that would be a little much.

I love the description of brown butter...hitting your face like chasmere. That was marvelous.
BUT. What is your beef with my favorite winter vegetable? The glorious cauliflower is a most noble and versatile creature. She can be robust when roasted, seductive and sly when pureed, low-brow when fried, haute cuisine when exploited for her formally floral expressiveness, she has cancer-fighting properties, and when she pokes here pure and innocent white face from amongst her bed of leafy covers she's downright cute to boot.
So I have to ask what she ever did to you?

I so hope you will share your brown butter ice cream recipe with us!

This is so unfair! I can commiserate with you on lousy workplaces, but when it comes to great eating establishments in this part of SoCal is just non-existant. I will savor from afar with your great descriptives!

Thank you, Shuna, for the blow-by-lovely-blow description.

What's more boring than people who try to change your mind about a food you don't like? And yet, sometime when you're bored, try this:

Roast cauliflower, carefully cut and trimmed into florets, at 425F, tossed with fat (1 part butter to 2 parts hazelnut oil), dry mustard, black pepper, a little salt. Don't use too much fat. Turn the cauliflower a few times, so it browns on all surfaces.

When just tender, add a lot of ground hazelnuts, bake a bit more or broil carefully 'til the nuts don't taste raw.

If you don't like this, consider your preference validated and give cauliflower a pass in future!

Thanks again for your writing.

Wow, that is one amazing meal!

I live in LG, so I have dined at Manresa before when my husband and I are feeling rich. I loved your descriptions. The food there is fabulous but what I loved also is the amount of time you get to spend eating. Like having one long orgasm. I also loved the fact that we got a kitchen tour and there were more people working in the kitchen than dining. Thanks.

Oh. Wow.

The way you describe those delicious dishes!

I sat here at work, my mouth watering, stomach rumbling, eyes glazed with food-lust...

Shuna, I'm glad I'm not on a diet. this post would have killed me!

Dear Shuna - I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I was lucky to visit there last November too, it was really lovely and couldn't have been better joined (although briefly) by gorgeous Pim and David...

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