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15 January 2007


Sounds great. As usual an astute lesson in the chemistry of what we're doing.
I observed some of this myself making ice cream with honey. I also find- especially with a home freeze-and-churn machine- invert sweeteners help to keep the mixture from separating for the same reasons, especially with liquid-heavy bases like lemon.

Can't wait to try it.

Do pears grow through the winter there?

I had your goat milk sorbet during your first tour of duty at Aziza when I was on my first trip there, and loved it. I can't wait to try this recipe, but I do have a question: if I omit the sugar entirely (I love the flavor of Redwood Hill and would not want to sweeten it), should I still whisk the yogurt to aerate it before placing it in a Pyrex dish, or should I just plop the container of yogurt in the dish and spread it out?

Please feel free to pass on any additional Aziza dessert recipes - I am so disappointed that I did not get to taste your newest magnificent creations!

Joe Fish--

Pears grow here like they do in other places-- they are picked once and placed in cold storage. Unless it is a very small farmer who wants to bring them to market ripe, as was the case with Carl Rosato of Woodleaf Farms.


Yes, you do not need to 'aerate" it if you are not sweetening the yogurt. But you are going to have to keep an ey on the "forking" as it will freeze more solid and faster... but it is lovely as itself!

Hooray for keeping us away from corn syrup. Agave-I'm hoping it will be popping up on more ingredient lists. I'm glad you're stil in motion-inspiration for us all.

Mmmm...I can't wait to try this, although I'll have to find a comparable East Coast goat yogurt. I know I'm greedy, and I hope you'll forgive me...but I'm a-wishin' and a-hopin' for the Meyer lemon sorbet, too...

I went ahead and tried this recipe in an ice cream maker. It tasted good, but the consistency was lacking...kinda crunchy. I can see how granite would be snowy and delicious. Next time.

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