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05 January 2007


Well you certainly get my vote!

Not sure if it is kosher, but i voted more than once.

By the way, I made your caramel cake yesterday. The celter of it was not cooked!!!! I even left it in extra minutes. However, I didn't follow your addition instructions. It is still absolutely delicious.
The frosting tastes of brown butter. I might do it again just with whip cream.
I am new to your blog but visit every day

Shuna, You had already gotten my votes before I saw this request. It was a slam dunk for me seeing how I had listed you as one of the best food bloggers a few weeks ago in

Best of luck.

It is just amazing how wonderful things can come from a good melt down. It is surely the fertilizer we dump that gives our spirits room to grow and flourish so that we can sustain the good things that come our way. You got my vote and good wishes.


- Chubypanda

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