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12 January 2007


this was beautiful in so many ways...Bravo!

It sounds like you are making progress and news of that gladdens my heart. Remember you have friends who have no intention of ever abandoning you.

gray winter days. creatures dig deep pushing for warmth, finding strength, surviving. let it wash over and around you. embrace the season. rise up from the waves a new being.

It sounds like you have a lot more going on than just work break up blues. I hope and pray that this phase shall soon pass. You are very strong and your self-reflection inspires me.

Sometime some personal re-invention, taking up new acticities, and discovering new sources of joy in life are the best way to deal with things.
That's partly how I started my blog in a way, and I've made wonderful friends and had great new experiences by it. Sometimes the heartbreak may be just what you need to really propel your life.

To be honest, the first time I attended one of your classes, I wondered why you weren't working for yourself full-time. It seems to me that chefs tend to make more money without killing themselves when they are their own boss.

You're an excellent teacher, an honest, expressive writer, and a talented chef. I'm confident you can make a living on your own terms, using all your talents.

A career is akin to a lifetime love ~ beautifully done Shuna.

For this one I can tell you only that the tears on my sweatshirt went plop and plop.

awesome post, and congrats on the win. you're deffo one of my favorites.

getting back on the horse helped me learn how to separate love and sex and vice versa. what a difference that made for the better. talk about liberating.

and remember, to those of us out here in the industry who read your blog (not outsiders looking in wishing they could be like this but know they can't for various reasons), you are preaching to the choir. everything you've said has made perfect sense to me. i can tell with ease that you love this industry. when you're in it for the right reasons, it's hard to not love it. and as cheesy as it sounds, those who abandon you don't know what they've lost. you can't be held responsible for someone else's insecurities. i've been told the same thing -- "i'm not making you feel this way (especially a negative emotion), you're making yourself feel that way." biggest load of bullSHIT in the world.

as far as losing someone, i learned very early in my education that people come and go all the time and to get too attached to one is a set up for major destruction. i saw it happen to someone while i was in school and i thought it was the most pathetic thing i'd ever seen in my life and vowed never to act the same. i don't know all of your situation and don't mean to judge it by any stretch, but it is also my nature to be ready to move on and jam at a moment's notice. change is inevitable. people move on, they die, they get fired, they lose interest, whatever. i have learned to not put so much emphasis on the person but what they do/did/have done. take what i can learn and move on to the next lesson. it keeps me grounded.

"But it's time I re-invented myself. Designed an outfit to include all that I am, have been, and am starting to be. It may not look familiar to you. Or I."

be nothing more than you are or you might risk alienating yourself from yourself. know you are loved for who you are. to deviate from that could be painful. tread carefully.

I've always felt that ending a job is like a relationship ending. you wrote about it far more eloquently than I ever could.
The thing is, as we get older and we have layers of hurt wrapped around our heart, it becomes harder to fall in love with abandon. Trying something new will allow you to open up more because you don't know what you are in for exactly.

Yor r beautiful in so many ways.....
Life is life,its rather simple......
The best is you r following your passion..Kudos for living with spirit..and curiousity...answers come and go...
Loss is NEVER easy...
Its the losses that build us up and give us proof to ultimately whom and what we become..
Character is built on foundations that strengthen us....
Its the contradictions of life that fuel us ....enjoy the moments and GOOD memories
There will always be loss and its our real sadness that makes us human....and sadly it ALWAYS seems to sucks!!!!
This too will pass...around the corner comes sunshine...and a pocket placed in your heart to contain your special heart breaks...
37 years is just the beginning...
forget your age.its a number,although a fact...
Be patient with yourself.....

37 years young, eh?

I know it's unbelievable, but I did not have a messy break-up with my ex. I kept telling him, "You deserve to be adored, and something must be wrong with me, because I just can't adore you." Well, nothing was wrong with me—we were just not right for each other. But because we held the belief that we both deserved adoration, and that there was no blame or fault in poor chemistry, then we were able to move on and find new love elsewhere. He's been with his second wife for over ten years now, and I've been with my man for more since 1991. And my ex remains family: I love him like a brother, and our daughter is secure and happy because she did not undergo a brutal, nasty divorce. We have family holidays together, and are welcome in each other's homes always.

Everything in relationships is chenistry and timing. There is nothing else. Anyone who is capable of adoration, devotion, and commitment likewise deserves them, and should not settle for less.

As far as how long to wait before you take the plunge, I'm of the "reflect on who I am for a good long while" school of thought. Rarely are rebound relationships satisfying on any but a sexual level. Unless it's just a fling for the fun of it...but in no way must vengeful "I'll show THEM" thoughts be connected, or healing will be delayed.

Just my two cents. (Coming from a woman who is on good terms with all but one of my ex-boyfriends.)

Good luck on it all, Shuna.

Just curious how the heartfelt ruminations of your recent work experience ,and the newness of the blogging world to reflect on the ordeal with your readers is settling with the owners of the restaurant.....have you had to edit any comments of theirs....just the intimacy of the vehicle et al led me to wonder....

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