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22 January 2007


Good to see your self-reflexivity about the comments process, My blog, as you know, is still a baby, but i chose to go the moderated route. I cannot believe how many porn site posts I've had to delete! And yet, interactivity with 'real' readers seems difficult to make happen. I'd be interested on your thoughts on how you made your site so interactive - what has worked and what hasn't. Don't know if that fits in with your themes - a kind of 'insider dish' on blogging?

Hello Hungrygirl,

There is a fabulous site for that which you spak of-- Food Blog S'cool. Look for it in my section "more like this one." It is indeed an "inside dish" for blogging questions.

I may not moderate forever, but in lieu of recent posts it's best. Also it seems to me that your blogger software should be helping you block a lot of the big/obvious spammers...

It takes amazing bravery to return to work in a place that didn't work out in the past. To do so in a place where the work is intense, creative, and where the physical space also requires intimacy beyond what is average in working relationships takes a leap of faith. You should be proud that you took that leap and made the effort, no matter who was at fault in the final days. We all learn as much from the fallen souffle as from the perfect tart.
That you are willing to share all of this with the www takes even more guts, if that is possible. The good news is that it allows virtual strangers like me to send words of encouragement. I'm a bit in awe, too. I'm more easily broken or perhaps too timid to allow myself a public airing.
Hope the new door opening for you happens quickly and leads you to a great work place which allows your amazing creativity with food to flower.

I like the part where we really fark things up and wind up in a tailspin. Then, after gut wrenching reflection return nine fold with a clear way.

I had bacon for breakfast.


Oh, and when I say I had bacon for breakfast, that's what I mean. It isn't, "I had bacon with breakfast."

xo x2

I love you even though you didn't respond to my pleas for an interview for a magazine piece I was writing.

Ok, now that I passively-aggressively commented, tell me where I should go for a reasonably priced and excellent dinner in Napa. I can't afford French Laundry ...

i'm a cohort! xoxox! kick ass! life is fantastic.

the reason why i have no comments on my site is because i have to maintain some sort of control of my site on the internet. this is the only way. i don't know how many people would want to comment on something i've said or made (food-wise), but after being stalked, googled, found and openly threatened through another website, i had to do something. no one has the right to harrass someone on the net under the veil of anonymity. no one has to eat a big bowl of someone's shit, either, because of a veil of anonymity.

if i like someone, i will contact them. i much prefer to make the first move. it's my nature. 9 times out of 10, they'll write back and a rapport will be established.

again, you're awesome. i love your straightforward, no-nonsense communication style. if we all could be so brave.

enjoying your blog very much- and i like the shirts! very interesting site. thanks for sharing.

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