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02 February 2007


Ok the whole dressy shoe photo theme is wicked cool!

you are the funniest shuna. love love love it. you pegged everyone. and the shoes! i'm going to pass this on to the whole office. you're a stud..ette.

Wow, who knew there were so many swanky pairs of shoes in this city! What a fun write up, Shuna.

ahhh...the undercover foot photographer. sweet. ;-)

What a great way to absorb a swank event with the shoe photos. Great shoes, too. Loved your photo of the lady in dotted dress with striped shoes on (slightly) dotted carpet. Sounds like you had fun, too.

Those shoe photos are fantastic. Great idea!

Super-fun photos!

Oh, boo hoo! This made me miss SF and the fabulous food scene there even more than ever. I miss you, especially from snowbound upstate NY where I am right now. But I'll be back in California in April for UC Santa Cruz's organic-farming apprenticeship--can't wait to see you and all the other fab food folks!

What a cool idea! The next party I go to I think I'll focus on fabulous footwear instead of persuading people to smile ;-) Those stripy shoes are the BEST - I think we need a list of stockists :) Glad you had such a fab evening.

I'm pretty sure Cat Cora told me about her husband when I worked with her. Is her partner one of business?

Hello Jane,

well according to those who have read this post and know her as of late, I was the last to know! that said, there are many people I know who have dated men and women and many on the wide wide transgendered scale, so I say, to each their own identifier at the moment.

Mostly I thought it was funny that I said those words to her personally at an event for a magazine that had only just interviewed her where she mentioned her partner, Jennifer!

Since we queers are not allowed to marry legally, "oartner" is the only term we can use to tell the world how serious we are about our lovers...

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