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16 February 2007


Custards or caramel would both interest me, as would pate a choux to a lesser extent. Maybe a class on food presentation/plating?

Maybe utilizing fruit in baking since a lot of it will be coming into season. Or maybe some specialty cakes like angel food or something.

I also can spell, but cannot type, caramel :)

I like all the ideas mentioned so far. (Gosh, am I agreeable today?!)

How about a citrus class, before the season winds down? I'm thinking curds, but also zesty cakes and such...

Well, the only four things that would REALLY make me come out of hibernation before spring would be a class focusing on my favorites; cheesecake, pumpkin, peanut butter and biscotti. Don't say it...I guarantee my guy has already gagged :o)

I'd like a class on sponge-type cakes such as chiffon, angel food and genoise, and all the possibilities we can do with these airy goodness :)

sigh, I wish I lived near you. I'd want to come live with you for about a month!


Anything. I wanna learn!

Knife Skills

I live in North Dakota so I won't be about to attend. Being a former CCA graduate I tune in to your blog to keep up on the SF goings on. So...whatever class you give could someone take notes for me?! Please!

Sorry, I'm kind of new to your blog. Where do you hold your classes? The custards class sounds like a good one. Again, gianduja pots de creme. Drool.

Holy Grails:

1) apple galette ( year round fav)
2) Lemon tart with almond pate brisee
3)Dorie Greenspan's World Peace Cookies

4) and yours?

I'd like another knife skills class, as I managed to miss the one over the Summer.

I found you through a knit blog, and have been reading for quite a while...I wish Montréal were not so far, because I'd love to take a class with you, be it knife skills or chocolate. If your teaching is half as thoughtful as your writing, anyone who takes a class with you is a lucky, lucky student.

I vote for CUSTARDS! :-D

Cheesecake? Fruit-inspired desserts? Dessert sauces? Puff pastry?

Who am I kidding -- if you offer it and it fits my schedule, we'll be there. :)

I like the citrus idea Anita suggested. I'm definitely into a knife skills class.

Yeast dough, croissants, puff pastry, all made with some citrus theme. And of course meringue on top with chocolate or pots de cremeolicious under meringue. The perfect Meyers lemon meringue pie will do. Let's bake and eat class.

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