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27 February 2007


Right on! I vote for custard, please.

Oops, you're teaching a custard class on the 25th. Well then, egg whites!

Shelly & all--

I could very well teach that class twice if people so wished! Both your votes taken into consideration!

custards or caramel

You know I'd take a class from you if I lived on that coast. You know it.

You know what else occurs to me looking at your photographs? For your next job, perhaps you could work for an upscale cooking gadget store, giving classes and at the same time demonstrating the stuff they sell. I mean, I'm crazy over those little custard pots! They're so freakin' cute! They're all round, and sweet, and they have their own little bitty lids! I want to buy them! I want to use them! I want to serve something that adorable to as many guests as I can!

I hope someone who sells cookware sees this comment and offers you a job like this. See, I used to live in an uppity suburb of L.A. where there was a very successful gourmet shop which held weekly cooking classes customers could attend for a reasonable but not stupidly low fee, with the underlying motive of pushing product as well, so the owners kind of got paid twice for every class. It's a proven model, and I think you'd do a great job and have a good time.

Or maybe you could open your own shop where you sold goodies you baked, certain especially nice ingredients, excellent cooking tools, and also conducted classes. With a little capital, you could fly.

Custard. :)

I will put my vote in for any of those two save for caramel.

egg whites, please! :)

Ah, the correct post!

Good luck! I know your students will adore your desserts and lessons.


Hello! I can't make this class, but I'll keep coming back to find out about other topics.

I'm looking for a baking/chocolate dessert class to give to a friend as a bday gift...I was wondering if you're still holding classes? If not, could you recommend one in the SF area?

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