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15 February 2007


A Shuna recipe to serve as a wonderful surprise to me on this Thursday morning (or the extension of Wednesday night, depending on who you ask). I look forward to making this lovely variation on the classic cookie as soon as this barrage of school related activity is over, or perhaps at some point in between to serve as a means of procrastination.

It was after hearing Elizabeth go on and on about Muscovado sugar at an event one time that I bought my first bag. It's now a regular staple in my pantry.

These sound good! I like Cardamom in spiced hot chocolate too.

Yummy! Cardamom is my favorite spice. I chew it as a breath freshener, and have a special (tiny) mortar and pestle I use just for grinding it - keeping those other stronger spices for the coffee grinder.

I will try this tonight...

Yay! So glad you generously shared the recipe with us. As you know, I adored these when I tasted them at Aziza.

i love your description of a cookie as "swooshy." these just might be the cookies for me.

WOO HOOO !! great post and of course thanks again for introducing me to the worlds best desserts that aren't too sweet, back to puppy duty !!

"All ovens have hot spots"

Is that true for convection ovens as well? I've heard that the fan eliminates the hot spots.

Hello JeffL,

Yes indeed, ALL ovens have hot spots. As well, cold spots and mystery spots. When I am new to an oven I bake cookies in it-- cookies show all these areas the best. Generally convection ovens have their hot spot in the top or the bottom, it depends on where most of the hot wind settles...

I feel like a dork, but I'm not quite sure how to use my cardamom seeds. Crush them with their coats? Strip and then crush? Throw into the mix (not of cookies, but, say, a stew) un-mangled?


you only want the actual seeds in the cookie, not the sheath or the papery binding that keeps the seeds together in the pod. If this was merely an infusion you could have all of this, like for, let's say, ice cream or syrup...

And anyway, eggbeater is a dork sometimes too, so you're in great company!

Made these the other night for a bunch of friends...awesome! Thanks.

I love cardamom and use it frequently. I grind it with my coffee beans and use a press or put some ground with my espresso and a twist of lemon. Now chocolate cookies... I'm salivating for cookies and coffee. Cardamom and lemon are a natural. Try lemon poppy seed cardamom muffins.... ooh!

I don't see where the recipe notes the oven temp and bake time?

Hello Kathy,

This recipe is your basic Chocolate Chip cookie recipe-- just follow instructions on that famous bag of semi-sweet chips.

Although, like I've said-- I bake mine on parchment paper because it protects the good chocolate a little bit better.

made these yesterday and we all love them here. thank you!

My mother in law turned me on to chili chocolate powder from Penzy Spices and I have put about 1/2 tsp. in my last batch of cc cookies and they were great! The spice doesn't hit you right away but after you swallow it's really nice!

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