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09 February 2007


I used to live in Florida, and had an alligator try to climb in the boat once. My companion beat it off with a large flashlight. Luckily, it didn't put up a fight.

Nothing can beat that thrill of excitement!

woweee....totally cool! in santa cruz we had a mountain lion stalk into our yard once which we watched from the window. the first thought in everyone's mind was, 'omg! where are the dogs?'

Wow - I can relate to the thrill/terror of it.
I recently was out on my morning hike in the
Malibu hills with both of my dogs and saw a
mountain lion - about 40 feet away. I froze and
stared at it cuz I couldn't believe it really was one.
Usually the dogs will take off and chase anything with a tail, but both of them stood frozen like me.
Saw it again 2 weeks later....good thing its tummy was full as there is an abundance of deer in these hills (I hope!)...

Shuna- Beautiful photos. never liked Florida, but now I think it is beacuse I ahven;t relaly seen to beatiful parts of it. Thanks for sharing...

ahhh....home. You know the story about my brother trying to kill an alligator with a .38 after it tried to eat his dog? It was the 4th of July. No fireworks because of the drought. But someone shooting off a .38 sounds just like fireworks from inside a house.
I hate gators. You know the story about me and Tadhg kayaking near the house and hitting a gator with our paddle? I thought we were going to die. the end.

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