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01 February 2007


Mmmm, sounds great. I'm going to be in SF next weekend and I'm accumulating a pile of places at which I must eat. This just went on the list, Tartine is also on the list. And, sheepishly, the whole reason for the trip is dinner at the French Laundry.

The real question is, do they have durian pies. Mmm... Durian...

I must have pie & I must have it now!

I'm a lurker :D I just wanted to say that I had the banana cream pie that someone brought over for a birthday party recently, and it was absolutely delicious!


Thank you for de-lurking! Especially for news on the banana cream pie. It's such a good one to de-lurk for. I hope I report on something in the future that you de-lurk for again, you have such a great name.

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