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21 February 2007


I know that plum blossoms are used in Japanese cuisine. Have you used them? Simply lovely photos.

how about these, can we pick these, come on I bet we could do something great with plum blossoms. the question dam has now been opened. to take the blossom or wait for the fruit? who the heck is silly enough to forget the fruit just for the whisper of flavor from the blossom...of course what a whisper it could be; and what is the difference between a shout and a whisper? Which commands more attention, which one do you remember?


So here's my question...
Last year right after all the trees blossomed, heavy rains came and destroyed the flowers, and with them the crops. This year, the trees are putting on their show, and rain is predicted just around the corner. Why does no one seem worried? Am I missing something about this situation?


I'll be answering your questions in a post. thanks for the inspiration! (eggbeater LOVES questions!)


you're right, we should be worried. but, it should be noted, I am in Napa, where the only fruit growing for sale is wine grapes, and they are still dormant.

perhaps because we had such a cold winter, for us, many of us are star struck by the beautiful little flowers. and, thus, we are sticking our heads in the sand about "what they mean." You know?

also, rain is not the only problem the crops had last year-- American crops are in dire need of bees. But that's another blog, another post.

My mom's house had carpenter bee's burrowing into the house's eaves right next to a Bing cherry tree in the back yard. They had them sprayed to protect the house then were deeply disappointed when the normally prolific tree didn't fruit at all the next year. When I told them that that's what the bees were there for the light dawned and they lovingly built a special bee house and hung it in the trees and low and behold the bees forgave them and returned and now there are enough blossoms for fruit and for flowers !

Oh please do give us a post about bees. I just had a conversation with a farmer who said that almond crops in California have dwindled due to a lack of these buzzing pollinators. Would love to hear what you've learned and though about.

aaron, i think you'll find this interesting. it is, apparently, a mystery. and it is not only a problem in the united states, but it is a global crisis..from poland to spain to france. give it a listen.

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