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28 February 2007

Shuna Lydon Baking Classes: A Calendar


Coming up on Sunday March 25th, 2007 I will be teaching a class on the subject of Custards. It will be my second time teaching a class on this broad subject. The first time was almost two years ago, you can read about it by clicking on this link.


As a self proclaimed "student of the egg," I believe that to understand custard making, in all its wildly delicious disparate variations,  one must learn the hows as well as the whys of baking, infusing, whisking and setting custards. The students receive tried and truly tested recipes, a thorough lecture on the food science of eggs, setting agents and dairy, and a number of hours in the kitchen watching and making the recipes. Afterward we sit down and eat our spoils!

Whether it be the simple pannacotta or the elusive pot de creme, a home-made custard is a beautiful thing to behold & put in your mouth.

When, Where & How Much:

The Custard Class will take place between 12:30-4 pm in North Berkeley, California, close to public transportation and plenty of parking. The price is $100 per person. Details of location are disclosed to registered students.

How To Sign Up:

To register for a class, pay by simply clicking on the Paypal link (located in the right hand column of Eggbeater). If you wish to send me a check, email me (Email link is in the upper left hand column of Eggbeater) and I will give you a snail mail address.

There are 2 spots in each class reserved for "assistant" positions, at half the cost. If you feel you qualify, please email me directly.

Subjects I've Taught:

Baking With Chocolate, Seasonal Fruit Desserts, Caramel, Cookies, Custards, Knife Skills, The Art of the Quenelle -- an elegant French technique for creating the "egg shape" with one spoon or two, Pie Dough, Pate a Choux.

Links To My Other Classes:

All classes written about on Eggbeater.
Shuna's classes advertised on Guy Prince's blog Meathenge.
Sean Timberlake writes about a pie dough class of mine.
Anil Dash, the one and only, writes about my first ever Knife Skills Class!
I talk about the finer points of Caramel, as the subject of one of my classes, on KQED.

The Mailing List:

If you want to be a person who finds out about the subjects of my next class RIGHT AWAY, without having to traipse back here all the time, I keep a small mailing list and send out the announcement to those people first. Email me if you want to be placed on my own personal Shuna Lydon mailing list. This list is shared with no one, it only exists in my email program, and it's only for this purpose, so you won't hear a peep out of me unless a class is on the horizon!

Who is Shuna Lydon?

I am a seasonal produce-inspired pastry chef with over 14 years experience cooking and baking professionally. My style seamlessly links savory and sweet ingredients and methods, creating familiar and innovative desserts with a focus on local, seasonal and sustainable produce. I have worked in such notable kitchens as Gramercy Tavern and Verbena in Manhattan, The French Laundry and Bouchon in Yountville and Citizen Cake and Aziza in San Francisco.

I was a featured Chef in 7X7 Magazine, and as well my desserts have garnered attention in The SF Chronicle, Gourmet, SF Magazine and others.

The Shop with The Chef program in the SF Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market is where I began teaching almost seven years ago. Later I went on the be a baking Instructor with Sur La Table, and about 2 years ago I ventured out on my own, teaching these "private classes." My classes are thorough, and chock full of information and stories about the many kitchens I've worked in. I think you'll find that, even if you have never taken a cooking class before, you will enjoy mine.

Come One, Come All. Come Hungry To Learn!


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