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25 February 2007


Shuna, your stove looks awesome. I have an old stove like this too and Guy (Biggles) helped me adjust the burners so they'd work better for a wok. My stove is a Magic Chef, circa 1940 I'd guess. Yours looks very similar.

Making doughnuts? Oh lordy, I want some!

hi Shuna,
i have a question for you. for my birthday i received a set of earthenware cookie molds (bears, very cute for the kiddies). along with those i got some glass cookie "stamps" (floral designs, very dignified). do you have any suggestions for types of cookie dough recipes which might work well for my new tools?
melissa xo

Wanna weigh in on some doughnut recipes for us?


I wish this were my stove! it's Dave's, from dumpling-o-rama fame. I am trying to make good use of it though!


Doughnut recipes? Sure. I'll try to get to this, this month.


I've not worked with these molds before but I know what you speak of. Look on German websites for recipes. There are a lot of European spice cookies, more interesting than just gingersnap taste, which are dense enough to hold their shape when baked from a mold. Good luck!

mmmm...doughnuts! (said in Homer Simpson's voice)

I had so much fun with you guys on Saturday! I'll send you the photo I have of you showing off your long flowing locks. I'm sad that we didn't get a shot of the three of us together. Oh well, I'll be back...

thats the cutest puppy ever :)

Since I am the "Great Aunt" of Claude (puppy above) I agree he is the cutest puppy ever!!

Recipes look and sound great!

to eat...or play with Claude Hugo...that is the question!

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