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14 February 2007


Cheers and happy Valentine's Day from another hopeless romantic! As well as being uncomprehensible, love is a wonderful thing to reflect upon and spread around. Thank you for a great post and something to think about on a cold day in February.

Clicked on last year's post and saw that Biggles and I were the first two commentators. My take on the situration is very much the same and I find it impossible that it has been a year since then!

Meanwhile, thanks for another heartfelt post that speaks bravely.

I think love in a universal sense has an "is" ness, in fact may be all there "is". But love in a human, day-to-day sense is much more of an action verb than a to-be verb. We choose to love when we choose to make eye contact, to let in a touch, or phrase, or to offer same; when we move from kindness and compassion rather than fear and contraction; when pay deep, close, unadulterated attention. When we do this, the objects of our love open, blossom and grow.

I like your complex take on a day that can be sickly sweet - you've added some rich and interesting and paradoxical flavours, as usual.

Love is God.

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