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27 March 2007


I make this dough nearly every day! Hand sheeting and everything.

Also, I'm very happy that you enjoyed your desserts at Oliveto - with consideration to what night you were in, I very well might have contributed to your positive experience. :)

Excellent piece of writing!!

For a fortuately brief period in my life I made 50 croissants a day by hand.


I ate there on my actual birthday, March 20th. Thank you for being part of some of the best desserts in the Bay Area! Maybe I'll meet you at the next Baker's Dozen meeting?

and Lorrie & Kevin--
HANDSHEETING ONLY?! Y'all are my heros!

Those are so pretty. I made croissants for the first time last Christmas eve as a way to keep myself busy and distracted. The results were tasty but truly ugly (
I made half of the first batch as croissants and then on Christmas night, after a movie when we realized that not even the Chinese restaurants were open, we took the second half of the dough, rolled it out and stuffed it with deli ham and cheddar (it was all that was left in the fridge). I don't know what exactly to call that but it was the best Christmas meal ever...

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