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24 March 2007


Happy Happy Birthday Shuna!!!!

From the Bunrabs

Now that's pure friendship. And a very happy birthday. May the next year treat you well.

Is that an italian meringue frosting?

The frosting is a lovely cream cheese frosting tinted with blood orange juice. Amarama wanted to make it pink. That color was very importyant to her, or to give to me...

That's true friendship...and a whole lot of courage.
She's got a beautiful name to boot.

Happy Birthday, Eggbeater! If you come to Portland and make it to family supper, we will fete you. Yes, I've talked my way into my friend's kitchen (I work with her on writing)and I'm bumbling around Bill Buford-style. I would prob'ly benefit greatly from one of your knife classes. Oh, geography. Also, re: vanilla--I bet you've read but in case not, Amanda Hesser did a lovely piece on vanilla for the NYT's a couple of years ago. I think I got a recipe for roasted lemon and vanilla bean lemonade from that. Thanks for all of your great posts and wisdom and information and smart aleckiness and style. Sending all best wishes from Portland, Heather

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