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28 March 2007


This is almost completely off topic, but I have a small child, and for some months when she was tiny (like 4-8 months old), she came to work with me and I had a babysitter meet me in the office and take her for 4 hours. They'd putter around the Gramercy Park/Madison Park/Union Square area. One day, the babysitter said she'd been to Gramercy Park. I said, "how did you get in"? She said, oh, I just asked one of the doormen for a key. I was dumbfounded and awestruck. Such gall. She was a great nanny, that Norma.

Oh lord...I feel so much stupider for having watched that...all of that. It's sort of what I imagine crack to be know it's bad, but you just need more of it.
Erin is totally my favorite...want to be her bff.
I see your love for Jared. He's one cool cat, and seems like he'll have the mindset to be a badass linecook...he's cool as a cucumber.

Thanks for the link. I'm a Jared fan too! For those who are more inclined towards books, the new CIA Boot Camp book on Baking is terrific.

Have you not seen Split Ends, where they swap stylists between two salons? If there even was a shred of glamour to that industry, it's been unceremoniously snipped away as of now.

Or how about books exposing the juicy, little known work-life secrets of software engineers and Linux System Administrators?

That's because we don't yell at each other (most of the time) in anything like so amusing a fashion, and it gets to be a real pain to sync up the video cameras with the refresh rates on the screens so you can see our deadly-witty comment lines and snark-filled emails!

(That, and the most debauched and fascinating days are over ;))

I attended the CIA for a certification class. All I will say is intense. The people there are too intense. No fun being had by most. The restaurants are sub-par, meaning I didn't consume anything I wouldn't find at a chain, unfortunately.

The whole week I wanted to yell, Lighten up people, it's food, it's fun! Didn't do it but I wanted to so very bad.

But, as you mention, the equipment was wonderful!

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