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16 March 2007


If you need another push to see this movie, here you go.... It really is all that Shuna makes it out to be. I was thoroughly inspired by the connection that Monterey has with its suppliers, farms ranging from tiny plots to large enterprises developed with Bill's help. Thank you Shuna for letting us all know about it. Just one makes waiting for summer all the more painful.

y'all will be dying for cherries after watching this!!! sweet soury cherries right off the tree.

In the early to mid 80's I lived just 2 blocks away from the Monterey Markets. When I watched the clip of the movie it took me back to a time that I went shopping every day after work just to relax.
It sure looks like it has grown and so many people too!
I will have to buy the movie now just to reminisce about going to the markets and to support the film maker.
Next trip to the Area I'm going to go and smell the memories and pick up some fresh goodies I had forgotten all about.

If you think mandarins are good, my favorite oranges are satsumas. They have ugly baggy skins, but they are sweet and floral.

George Bernard Shaw said: "There is no love more sincere than the love of food."
Lots of love here....lovely poetic response to my movie from SFL, and sincere comments from others.

Posting below a URL for the article I wrote for the latest Edible East Bay (the Cupcake Cover Issue) that explains why I made this movie and more about what makes the Monterey Market so important. Please check it out.

I smiled at your response re: not returning to NY. People always ask my husband and me why we don't plan on returning to RI, and we sheepishly respond "the farmers' markets." I guess when you love food and cooking and live in CA,it's really hard to give that up. Just seeing that gorgeous zucchini flower makes me long for summertime zucchini cakes.

Great post and congrats on the Reuters pickup. Nice work! I'm really craving cherries and apricots already.

We are putting in our tomato and herb garden this week. The two Early Girls already have half a dozen embryonic tomatoes set on each vine. The Ace 55s are only six inches tall, so no blossoms quite yet. I intend to pick up a couple of heirloom plants at my local farmer's market in a week or two.

Please keep doing that voodoo that you do so well. I love your blog and looking forward to attending one of your classes in the future. And thanks so much for talking about Monterey Market. I've lived in the
East Bay for 60 years and didn't know about it. Unbelievable

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