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07 March 2007


happy birthday Eggbeater! we loves u bunches!

Thank YOU--for the laughter and the tears and the recipes and the wit and the photographs and the poetry and the honesty and the wackiness and the bravery and the spriteliness, for gingerbread and fruit blossoms and gritty New York City. But mostly thanks for being here, and thanks for being you.

(I think that last line might have come from a Free to Be You and Me song...:-)

Happy blog birthday, my friend. Here's to many more!

Happy Blogiversary! I've had a lot of support from my readers, too. When the chips are down, and someone you don't know ITRW comes through for you in a way that you'd never imagined, it's always a relief and a wonderful surprise.

Thank you, Shuna, for sharing your beautiful prose and photograps and your perfected recipes. I totally *heart* you and Eggbeater.


happy blogiversary!!

A Happy Blogiversary from me too! Never stop!

Oh, oh Happy Blogiversary!!!!! I am SO glad you decided to take that leap and even gladder that we met in New York and will hopefully meet again (perhaps in SF!). I can't wait for more stories and photos and ruminations and thought provocation and recipes - RECIPES! - from my very favorite eggbeater. xxoo

Happy b-day. You've raised the bar for all of us.

What a beautiful post--Happy Birthday!

now this is a birthday to celebrate. congratulations.
i love you.

I don't think I would have ever accused you of being inept, but you inspired a wonderful movement for which I have gotten much credit. But I should give that credit to you.
I'll raise a glass of juice and toast many more years of Eggbeater.

Love your blog. Here's wishing you many more years of sharing.

I promise to read them all.

Take care.

not going to raise a glass myself but our little family loves you and is proud of you and your wonderful site. I thank you personally for those 3 stolen minutes at work when I get to unplug, connect with my other senses and smell, imagine, daydream....loveyoumeanit ~


Shuna, Stay inspired and bring your joy to others. You have brought much to me.

Happy birthday eggbeater! Congrats on all the good things that have come your way!

Thank you, for everything you have shared, and the amazing ways you have let me into your life. I feel welcomed and enriched. Mostly, I just love the way you are you.

Thank you for giving so much of yourself every time you write and photograph. That's what makes eggbeater special. Congratulations.

Happy birthday, little eggbeater.

And congrats, Shuna. Enormous thanks for sharing -all- that you do.

happy celebration, semi-cousin. keep on writing, picturing, and cooking.

Congratulations on the 2nd Blogiversary of Eggbeater. As others have already said, I too feel gifted by all that you share in this space. Long may the Eggbeater continue spinning and whirring!

Congratulations on the blog anniversary, and on the great post to commemorate it!

Happy birthday eggbeater! Love the blog, hope I get to try your delicious work one day.

Thanks for the welcome relief from these dark days in the news. Eggbeater is part of my daily routine to spice it up with your colorful wit and endless talents. Sue has definitely infused her intelligence and spirit in you!

Happy Birfday! You don't look a day over 1 year and 11 months!

I was going to email this to you, but, given that it's your blog birthday, I'll leave it as a comment. Congrats on both your birthday and getting mentioned in today's Washington Post!!! In an article on butterscotch, the writer, Candy Sagon, mentioned your post on that topic. The author did make one leetle mistake about you, but I think you'll get a kick out of it.

What a beautiful story -- and it's yours. It's so wonderful how your words and photographs unfold together down the page. Your communication of love is extraordinary.

(Also, it's no accident that "extraordinary" is one of the words often used to describe the Shuna.)

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Eggbeater
Happy Birthday to you...
And m-a-n-y more!!!

Beautiful pictures, beautiful story!! Many congratulations!!

Love, D & E

Congrats Shuna,
Ah, ha ha ha, now you enter the terrible twos. The ever deepening clclic dance of autonomy vs independence.......I can't wait to see what new stuff this formative time brings.

I just checked out your podcast and am signed up for the class on the 11th, I CAN"T WAIT!

Looking forward to meeting you,

uh, I mean cyclic.

Guess I'm at that learning to type part.

You have accomplished so much in these two years, and this post shows exactly why: you love what you do, you have a way with words and photographs and you like to share, be it knowledge or your feelings.
Keep it up and thereĀ“s no telling where life will lead you. Congratulations, Shuna!

Bon anniversaire, notre petit fouet a oeufs! Thanks for puttin the needle on the record and turning it out! Much love to you- jess

And today there was an article in the Washington Post Food section about butterscotch that quoted you!! Granted, the writer referred to you as 'he' but I emailed her to set her straight

Mazel tov, Shuna! I adore this blog. It's a lovely, stimulating daily ritual. Thank you for it, and for you.

Wow. Just... wow. Happy blog-anniversary Shuna. I'm glad you found a way to add your voice to the internets.

Yay !!! Happy birthday! Jeez, has it been 2 years? Reely? Dang.

Ah, the ol' white balance. I remember that! I just can't keep my big mowf shut. I did the same thing to Sam. Sigh.


You did the same thing to me, too, Biggles. Ya red-bearded, white-balance, meddlin' guy.

Shuna: Beautiful! Celebrate good times.

Eggbeater - you go girrrl!
Lookin good in the neighborhood!

holy crap from the deep south...
that is the most MOVING, self exposing...gorgeous piece you have written...oh how you have grown into yourself ye blessed eggbeater...i felt as if i was walking down a warm oakland street (perhaps at berkley bowl?) eating strange and exciting and juicy fruit...with someone in my past who inspired me ... just the thing i needed to come out of this dreary brown are such a gift. completely.
and pass the sweet potatoes.

I am very moved to see that you are growing the community of your dreams. Moved. Thanks for carrying the torch of sensous detail onward. Your words- strange, precise, off balance, clarifying, concrete- wake me up. And almost no writing does that for me. So thanks. Honored to be travelling the road with you. To be watching you unfold. I love you.

Thanks for all your advice, baking and beyond. You have helped this Brooklyn chef create, think, begin to reconcile with an industry that grinds you down to a fine point but in the darkest hours lifts you up again. Inspiration to write, create, cook. Keep on keepin on!

Thank you for your inspiration and raw thoughts. You are the only blog that I visit daily. Each post is a revelation.

Happy happy blog birthday, Shuna and Eggbeater! You've been a great inspiration and you'll always be. kx

I'm so glad to now be someone you know in real life. Thanks to for the kick in the pants. I've been considering not blogging anymore but I think I'll hang on. It's just starting to get really good!

Happy Blogiversary, Shuna!!

when Biggles told me about the white balance I told him where to stick it. It wasn't that I didn't know, it was that I'd posted in a hurry. He sent me a dreadful rehash of my picture where he'd made the meat look black or something as I recall.
I put his version in the trash, tweaked my white balance myself and carried on blogging.



You always write so thoughtfully and with such passion. It was a pleasure to discover your site and it's been edifying to learn about the industry and to see how a real pastry chef interacts with food and copes with the challenges life throws at her. Brava!

This made me cry. Thank you for sharing the multifacted gift of yourself with so many. LOVE.

No, no, no -- thank you!

I just started reading your blog! I love your perspective!

Now, if I hadn't been so terrible at keeping up with my blogreading, not only would I have been able to wish you happy Blogday in a timely fashion, I would also have been able to shake you down for feedback on a butterscotch ice cream recipe I'm trying to recreate. ;)

Happy Blogday, Shuna. I'm so glad that you're here to advocate on behalf of fair pay for pastry chefs, of real pate a choux-based doughnuts, of butterscotch, of real food and mindfulness. We are so lucky to have you in our universe.

I am pleased to share my birthday with your blog! (I'm a few years older than Eggbeater.) Must be fate, because it's my favorite blog.

Congrats Shuna!

Now you know its OK to believe again!


Happy anniversary! Here's to many more years of eggbeater...

Happy Blog Birthday, and thank you for always making me think, smile, laugh, cry...I find your blog an absolute joy to read, even when it makes me sad. Thank you.

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