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03 March 2007


wow, that's funny. i should show you what i just dragged looks kind of like your farm art.

I love the geometry of your last shot. I just got a new camara, so I'm going to need some pointers. What do you shoot with?

Thanks for that little visual vacation, Shuna. Makes me realize how much we need to get out of the city, at least for a break...

Wow, beautiful. I once visited the farm of friends for a weekend out in West Virginia who had a sort of artist in residence on their land and she made this huge, incredible, softly whirled sculpture out of a haystack that was so beautiful; along the lines of Andy Goldsworthy.

I like the last photo the best.

One Christmas I stacked three big tumbleweeds on top of one another and had the most awesome tree. Put little lites on it.. and painted the dried bones from the Thanksgiving turkey carcus (oddly beautiful) and it was a hit.

Love farm art.

hey, thanks for all the comments on something I thought only a few people would be pleased at!

Aaron-- I have the littlest, silliest camera: Canon Powershot Elph SD400, 5 megapixels.

One day i want an SLR with all the features I'm used to from film days, but until then I keep this one in my pocket...

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