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30 March 2007


I love these pictures! You've had quite a month! Thanks for letting us take a peek into your world...

Hey Jennifer,

thanks for being interested!

For Easter I followed your simplyrecipes pavlova recipe, and it was fantastic! The instructions were very detailed and helped with my nerves during the whole thing - I kept thinking I was doing it wrong, but it turned out terrifically. My family was VERY impressed.

Any suggestions on how to make a big pavlova (8") and not have it crack all over the place? Let it cool in the oven? Beat it until extra-stiff? Or maybe just make little ones (which are quite pretty)?


Head over to Smitten Kitchen and look for the post named "A Ballet of Sorts."

Deb makes a big one there and speaks about how to account for the bigger size.

When meringue can be lifted off the parchment it's baked on this means it's ready. The oven is so cool you can usually touch them with your bare hands!

Thanks for stopping back to say you made them!

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