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13 April 2007


Hey eggbeater.

You're pretty rad. Poetic. Etherial. Intangible.

You embody umami. May I blogroll you?


Bread will wait - it's the beauty of yeast (in all forms). Go to sleep.


hey shuna. shhhhsh......I may have rushed my loaf too......we'll see the results in a few hours.

oh, and did I fail to mention that the starter was one of those omniscient strains? so sorry.

Tommy-- I would be honored to be blogrolled. Most especially because it looks like you are in Portland! I may be teaching a class there this summer with the help of the Portland Food Dude, keep in touch if you're interested.


I would have gone to sleep but it was in the oven.

MW, this: "oh, and did I fail to mention that the starter was one of those omniscient strains? so sorry."

Teaching a class in Portland???? YES! Even if it's something basic you can probably count me in just to meet you and see how you work.

Have you seen We'll be doing sourdoughs at some point, but our next project is trying to make the No Knead bread better.

HAHAHA...I have done very similar things in the name of fresh bread. I even posted about staying up past my bedtime while waiting for my most recent loaf to rise. Still, it's good to remember that even the most finicky doughs can usually rest in a cold place until you have the energy to begin dealing with them again.

Good luck! I hope the bread was delicious and well worth the lack of sleep.

Ha! This cracks me up. The things we do, late at night, in our kitchens...

(that and the part about eschewing hippie parents)

Hope you managed to coax said starter into doing what you wanted him to do.

goodness, sounds like the boy has a similar case of bread-baking-at-crazy-hours (woke up at 6am to bake a loaf that had been rising in the oven overnight).

i thoroughly enjoyed your post.


Are you totally nuts?! Sourdough on Friday the thirteenth? The sourdough beasties will laugh and dance and your bread will fall flat!

Kevin-- thanks for the head's up. I've placed A Year In Bread in a special place on eggbeater... check it out!

Larry Clark-- you kill me! OK, I'll try it on a less auspicious day...

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