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11 April 2007


Oh, how i wish i could, but Louisiana is a bit too far away. But it sounds absolutely delightful

Which Bay Area farmers' markets reliably carry rhubarb? I never seem to see it.

Hello Marc,

Few people grow it here is what I've found. Unless you're Alice Waters it's close to impossible to get it from a "local" farm. I get mine at Monterey Market.


I so wish I could come, but Berkeley is definitely too far away for a weekend trip (live in Italy). If you offer classes in the summer, when my job brings me to the Bay Area, I'll come for sure!

Hi Shuna,
First time posting here, though I've been lurking for quite some time. I'd love to take any of your classes, but alas I am 1) a poor grad student (sadly, $50 is still a LOT of money) and 2) attending a conference that weekend!

Actually Happy Quail sell rhubarb at the ferry buildings on saturdays. They did sell it last year too, so being Sam Breach is just as good as being Alice Waters.

Their first batch of 2007 rhubarb was almost two weeks ago now and so I am hoping for some this weekend too.

They told me they are only going to bring it up every two weeks therby giving it the chance to grow in between visits.
they told me they should have it well into the summer.

Of course this is what they told me - things could change or not work out that way.

Their rhubarb is mostly green. they tell me the redness of rhubarb comes from the cold, the likes of which we don't have enough of in CA to turn the stems red, though today I might argue with it not being cold enough.

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