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13 April 2007


Hi Shuna
I just got back from a few days in Germany (work) stayed in a lovely small hotel in a quaint village with a german bakery just outside the door....I love their pastries but decided to stick to my diet and did not step inside....

I would like to make some "bases" for small pizzas that I can keep in the freezer than take them out, add a topping and bake them. Could you recommend a good batter?!
Thanks! Shuna (me)!

There are two people in the world with the name Shuna?
And they both bake?
This is twilight zone material.

And,correct me If I am wrong, drink black tea....!.Shuna R

hello Shuna!

What a trip it is to say that!
I don't make pizza dough but there are a lot of people who do. Ask D-Man at Sourdough Monkey Wrangler. (Link is where "blogs I have a crush on" is-- upper right hand eggbeater column.


It's true. Twilight Zone indeed. I know my namesake is alive but this Shuna is a completely different one than her!

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