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10 April 2007


Wow, I'm glad I hadn't realized that genoise was so hard to make! I made a semi-sweet chocolate genoise for my son's birthday about ten years ago. It was saturated with Chambord syrup and filled with bittersweet whipped ganache and covered with the same ganache, only warmed (not whipped) and poured over the whole thing. It was delicious but so rich it took us weeks to eat the thing, but it held up in the fridge the whole time. I served it with raspberry coulis and a dollop of fresh whipped cream on the side.

Thank you Shuna! I'll give it a go this weekend. (Believe it or not, I set out to make a genoise because of you/for you... more will be revealed if I ever make a success of it!)

Not Genoise! The bane in my baking class! We cut up my crisp genoise into strips, slathered home made raspberry preserve and whipped cream and down the hatch.

After four miserable attempts the same evening, my instrutor hid the eggs!

How many attempts does it take Shuna to perfect the genoise?

Great post!!
You need to post a video!! Have you tried one yet?

I love hearing insider tips like this. I have recently been toying with the idea of making a fancy cake and having some idea of how to avoid common pitfalls with a genoise is so helpful. Thanks Shuna!

When I was in high school, I worked at a local French bakery. We used to joke that with some of the cakes, the genois was only there to give structure to the buttercream, as well as to keep people from just free-basing the rich stuff.

M! Oh Nooo! I'm so sorry! Maybe your instructor should take a lesson from me: Actually show the students how to do it first, all the while explaing the WHYS as well as the hows!

Melissa, I have not tried video yet. but I've talked about it, does that count?

Chubbypanda, There's a chance that I'm one of the only food bloggers you "know" who knows what free basing is!

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