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20 April 2007


Hi Shuna!
Although I know your opinion of culinary school...I start at the CIA @ Greystone on Monday (for their baking and pastry program)... I read your blog daily, but have never commented...
I would love to meet you at the Worlds of Flavor conference!

Hello Bek,

It would be nice to meet you as well. I'll see you next week! Thanks for speaking up.

That's SO cool! I would die to meet some of those people.
Have so much fun, I can't wait to hear about it.

Wow...I'm really quite jealous. I would've loved to be there

I'm so jealous and excited to hear/read the reports from the event. Say hi to Sherry for me (she used to be my boss).

Cool - have fun!

I just picked up the Spring 2007 issue of Edible East Bay at Vintage Berkeley (that wine shop/old East Bay Pump thing) 2113 Vine St, Berkeley. Don't know if they have anymore though.

When is the Edible SF going to be available at Poulet? I'll try to find a copy at the Ferry Bldg, SF when I'm there in May.

Add me to the list of those who are jealous of your celebrity weekend.

My 'dream date' used to be Johnny Depp -- 'til I came to my senses and realized we have nothing in common. But the opportunity to socialize with (and with luck, learn from) some of the most talented chefs in the US? Yes!

Looking forward to living vicariously as I read your reflections on the expeience...

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