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22 April 2007


This morning I had crème brûlée for breakfast, leftover from last night's dinner party and after lunch we ate up the rest of a yogurt cake with rhubarb compote from Friday night. I'm getting ready to finish off the rhubarb compote with some homemade yogurt. After dinner, we'll have the last two chocolate truffles from Easter. That's more sweets in one weekend than I usually eat. Bliss.

Last night I made a flourless chocolate cake, served with a hearty scoop of lightly sweetened whipped cream. Ohh my. So simple and delicious.

Today I noticed three bananas getting quite ripe on the counter, and made some banana bread. I use Elise's recipe on Simply Recipes. YUM.

Wish I had been eating a yogurt cake with rhubarb compote this weekend, though, that sounds perfect!

Monday morning's breakfast shall be Sunday's lemon tea bread. It's just a basic quick bread with lemon zest added and soaked in a glaze made of one part lemon juice and one part sugar and boiled for a couple of minutes. It lives up to it's name, it's puckery, almost sweet and delicious with tea.

hey! what about the nyc class!? it isn't on the calendar. i'm counting the months.
melissa xo


Haven't you seen this?

My current calendar of classes can be found here.

Photos of this AMAZING class:

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