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16 April 2007


once i let someone come over when they said "can i come over and watch you do yesty things?" i'll never make THAT mistake again.

Can I come to your place for a crumpet lesson?


Maybe, we can sour those up too! I'd like to see how the beast reacts to being piped......

Is that your little feller in the top photo? What's his name?

You've told me some kooky kitchen stories...stabbings come to mind...but that is the craziest s$#t I've ever heard!

Shuna, I'll answer that question above.

Kev, that little feller is FB-WW 3, or in less scientific terms Little Judy (or LJ for short).


Thanks for the update--what's the scientific significance of "FB-WW3"? Have you determined the strains of yeast/bacteria in LJ? Or is this more like a social security number, identifying LJ without describing her?

You and Expat son inspired me to get my starter going!
My son asked me last week and I promised him I would do it this week, and you reminded me with your posts.
We love sourdough San Fran, Seattle, Portland or Alaska it is all wonderful. I cannot wait to see the lovely creations you make up with yours!
I can taste it now... my mouth is watering for warm sourdough bread with butter....YUM!

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