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14 April 2007


I like how the shortcake was good. No, really great. That spungy crap does nothing for me. The cornmeal really dialed in the love.

That's a recipe worth putting on one of your ... places that you keep such things ... for us to glean ... like all handy an junk.


my partner tried to tell me once - soon after he moved to seattle - that he didn't like strawberry shortcake. i, having grown up with a strawberry festival intrinsic to my heart, was aghast, astounded, ready to disown him. fortunately, he was very wrong. it was that damn spungy crap again.

So did you write this as a poem, or has poetry month just made your writing all the more poetic?

I really like this new form of food blog poetry you've developed. blog-etry? gastroetry? (er that last one doesn't sound so good!) well with the photos. Strawberries are still iffy here in the semi-frozen north but I'm inspired enough to try finding something juicy enough to bake...or write!

Owf maan, dees wua guud. (Just thinking about them makes me talk with my mouth full.)

Having the fortune of being at that friend's house and tasting my first cornmeal shortcakes took this dessert to a new level for me, and them having the resemblance and bite of a biscuit created a new category in my head: sweet biscuits and gravy!

I like my strawberries mixed with brown sugar and topped with a dollop of sour cream on corn shortcake. Lots and lots of berries. Someone got shorted in your picture...LOL. Blame the prep cook!

Mmm, I can't wait for strawberry season - it's still a few months off here in NY. I usually do a shortbread from James Beard - where you cut the dough into unequal "halves" and pat them into circles, put the bigger one on a pan, smear butter on top and place the smaller one on top. Then you separate after they're cool and do one huge shortbread. Yum.


I can't tell you how proud I was to see my shortcake go in your mouth. I know you don't much like anything 'sides meat!


When people I date tell me they don't like something I try and find that thing in its best possible form, feed it to them & then say, do you like This though?!

Aaron & Hungry Girl,

You caught me. Petry dances on my skin, taunts me to set words askew and edit voaciously!

MW, mmmmm sweet biscuits & gravy! tag, you're it!


Yes, always more berries!

Maggie, anything with that much butter is a friend of mine.

I also was on the list of lucky people to get some shortcake. I second the whole posting the recipe idea since the shortcakes were way better than the average bear. Packed with butterfat, just the way everything should be. Anyone reading this a cardiologist?

Having to whip the cream myself was a small price to pay, especially since I got to keep the leftovers :)

It's supposed to be about the strawberries. I got distracted.


The cornmeal shortcakes were wonderful--my first try at making such. With berries and a little ice cream--even better. Thanks for the recipes.

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