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18 April 2007


YES. Fuck, yeah. Uh-uh.

Fuck, yeah. Uh-uh. YES.

I think that's my favorite one to date. I also love those old typewriter letters. Is it because I come here with associations of food, or do the ones on the bottom remind anyone else of food...specifically individual ganache filled tartlets?

This is my favorite one too. This idea of home being complicated speaks to me. And yet it is you and others I have gathered who comprise home for me. I feel so siren-like much of the time. My hair helps.

Damn Shuna, that shore is purty!

It makes me wonder though, as I have already suspected, that you are one of those rare creatures that expresses enormous talent in just about anything you set yourself to. I say add poet/chef to the list of classic brainy pairs: mathmatician/philosopher, quantum physics/religion, you get the idea. Obviously.

This made me think of Adrienne Rich: "Diving into the Wreck." I think it would be great to hear your poetry read aloud--on the radio? a voice in the dark. on a hot summer night. like when people used to sit on porches, together but quiet, and listen to the radio. Thanks for sharing. E&G

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