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08 May 2007


Wild and woolly is the journey, not your hair, right? CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so proud, but not at all surprised. You're long overdue for some national recognition for that sexy mind of yours.

Well deserved, dear one. I have been meaning to write you for a while now to tell you how much I enjoyed that piece. Kudos to you!

Congratulations! And good luck on your upcoming endeavor as well!

Congratulations! It is so nice to be recognized for things that one puts so much of herself into.
I too loved the strawberry article, though for me, the peach article will never be surpassed.

That's great! And a surprisingly fast turnaround, too. Congratulations.

Congratulations!! That's so wonderful!

I'm still trying to find a copy! Can't wait to read it. :D

well done, old bean!

you rock!!!!!! we love that book (series) and we love you too!
m and e xox

Congratulations on Best Food Writing. I look forward to buying the whole book just to read SF's own Shuna Fish Lydon.


From the look of these comments, I am an old bean with a sexy mind on a warm roller coaster...

sexy mind? can that get me a date?

Old Bean? Nothing like laughing out loud, alone at home!

thank you thank you thank you for your good words. I am so very excited to share the news with all!

oh! great. good for you.

I'd seen a copy last week at mission pie and was happy to see you in it.

I'm going there again tomorrow morning. I keep hoping the strawberry rhubarb will make its grand entrance.

Very cool--congratulations!

Holy crap, that's so amazing!!! You're a truly talented writer and I'm so happy for you! Congrats!

Oh! Congratulations! That's so cool! It was a great article, I'm glad it's getting some wider recognition.

congrats. they have copies at modern times too, and i'd just gotten one before this news broke. i'm sure your writing in the genre deserves all the publishing possible.

So now, it's like, "when's the *eggbeater* book coming out?" Congrats on the inclusion in the best food writing series--let us know when 07 will hit the shelves; and best wishes for your newest go-see/tasting, Heather

Whoopee!!! It's just like an E ride! Raise your arms in the air and squeal!

that's great shuna - well done.

Shuna, that is AMAZING - congratulations! How wonderful to have your mighty talent recognized.

OMG! That's so cool! I love those collections! Congratulatons! This is massive.

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