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22 May 2007


They sell these at REI too, for people who must have ice cream when they're camping. (-:

but i wanna see you USING your balls.

Well I've seen Shuna use her balls. Let's just say...she knows what she's doing...ok!

better yet...some of us even got to play with her balls last weekend. it was quite an experience. ;-D

I am SCREAMING I am laughing so loud!!!

Y'all are killing me! And I THANK YOU for it!!!!!!!

Robert-- although I won't meet you at the nyc knife skills class it sounds like we might have some fun meeting up or, better yet, going out and cruising!

I did one of these when I was a student teacher for a 8th grade classroom! We played a rough version of soccer with four of them and then had strawberry ice cream. SO MUCH FUN!

Hey Shuna,
You can also get these cool balls at the Eggbeater Amazon store. Coolio!

Okay - I laughed *every* time I read that word. I am so juvenile sometimes I could just die, buuuuut, I love it. things are just funnier sometimes that way, you know?

On another note, my brother got a blue ball for christmas last year, which he says now gets booted around the living room during drunken beer pong parties. I can only imagine how cool and refreshing a bowl of fresh strawberry ice cream must be to a sweaty beer pong player....

Good times. =)

cruising!? what kind of a man do you take me for? ok you're right.

Yes, I want one of these, too!

I have coveted these for a long time, but could never decide what color to choose. It never occurred to me to buy a pair of balls, though. What a great idea.

Now that my task of choosing has, uh, shrunk, I won't have to envy yours for too much longer. Still...which two?

You fail to tell us whether, during your test, icicles formed in your balls?


LOL - fab post!


Icicles did form, but inside my balls. The trick? To keep them rolling...

Hey, Shuna! Thanks! At your recommendation, I bought one of these and had it shipped to my dad for his birthday. We tried it out this weekend, and even my father, the homemade ice cream snob, thought it was AWESOME. Admittedly, we worked up a bit of an appetite tossing it around the backyard, but it was worth it! I think I'm going to buy one for my house too. (And I'd say you should go for the quart ball--the pint would not have been nearly enough ice cream!)



I am so so glad and honored that you came back to eggbeater to tell us your news and experience. thank you so much.

Yes, when I looked at the pint size I thought-- all that work for that little ice cream? No thanks.

Glad they're making an impression-- it might be one of the most inexpensive ice cream "machines" out there!

OMG - we have the EXACT SAME PAIR OF BALLS!!! I too have a red and blue one. Now we can have an ice cream orgy!!!

heehee!!! :-)

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