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09 May 2007


OMG! You're teaching knife skills! In NYC! And I'm allergic to cats! (I'm going to cry now.) Okay, I'm moderately allergic. Some make me sneeze and eye-water uncontrollably, others don't bother me at all. Feh! I might have to play it safe. But I'd love to meet you on your trip in June. And I don't ever need to be talked into going to Coney Island--it's my favorite.

I'm there. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm there.

Yay! I'm so psyched. My first real cooking related class, and from such an impressive source!

Hi Shuna,
When you're in New York, are you going to meet up with local food bloggers? If so, I'd love to join!


If I have time, yes.
Maybe I'll put a little announcement on da blog...

thanks for speaking up! (I can't hardly keep up with who is where... sorry!)

I can't believe you're teaching this when I'll be away!! I have been wanting to take this class (my knife skills suck) and I would love to be in your session, but I'll be on vacation. I am so bummed! Have fun at the class.

If you're meeting up with local food bloggers in NYC, well, I'd love to meet you!

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