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07 May 2007


Wow! That's such a Shuna dessert. It must have been exciting to share something like that with others whom you respect so much.
On a shopping note, approximately how much rhubarb does it take to get 3/4 cup juice. That seems like a lot.

Shuna & others,
You can pick up Edible SF FREE at Mission Pie, SF, saw a bunch in a box near the entrance, plus Ready Made Magazine FREE. Awesome pie and awesome magazines!!


Because, as we both saw on Saturday, not all rhubarb is created equal, starte with 1 # and see where that gets you. I was using the big hothouse stuff up in Napa, so it is going to vary widely with smaller, tighter stalks.

Ann-- thanks for the tip! (Ready Made and Dwell are the magazines I buy in the market line. I love them so!)

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