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19 May 2007


Thank you shuna. It's nice to see a more thoughtful level-headed response to this palaver.

From my visit to the market this morning it didn't look like Carlo Petrini's words had stopped too many people from shopping there, although Cow Girl was curiously devoid of a line. Must have been a temporary lull caused by planets aligned or something.

Who needs to waste time over in-fighting when Spring's delicious bounty is so beautifully flaunting itself?

Well, hello. =) I've just recently been reading your blog (love. it.) and in some posts of past I notice that you ring in each month with a "Happy (insert month of choice)". Myself being the only person known to date to do this, I actually clapped my hands in delight. =) Yay! Thank you! *hug* And in quiet agreement with your quote above, may I also say, "There is one ever-appropriate, all-purpose response in any Love." Through your writing it is obvious that you have an exquisite love affair with the world. It gives me hope for things. =) Have a lovely day, Shuna.... ~ Devon


thank you. you're words, your voice mean a lot to me.

Not only do we get spring's bounty here in Northern California, we get a tiny taste of the summer to come! At the Berkeley Farmer's market I found pluots, cherries and even peaches!


well goodness me. ::blush::
thank you for noticing what I put forth. even before blogging I would wish people happy new month on every first day of it. It's a lovely way to start the season that only that month can bring.

I hope you speak up more often-- eggbeater could always use new voices!

I am all about the Apriums right now

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