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03 June 2007


OMG, mara des bois ... yeah, I had some from Chino Ranch a couple of years ago. Drove them back to San Clemente with the beautiful perfume in my car. Magic.

Shuna, she sounds like a wonderful woman. And what a great friend you are to go help her out. Sounds like a very fun way to spend a day.

reading the kqed piece about how the hoffmann farm will be torn down to make room for vineyards made me really sad. california used to have so many fruit orchards...older folks remember a time when driving would mean driving through a thick curtain of intense fruit perfume. first it was the silicon valley, now uprooting trees for grapes? for shame!

there should be a law that makes tree planting mandatory for every tree that is felled. 3 saplings for every tree at least! even then, it is a bloody tragedy.

your posts are different when you are at the farm. good ones.

I think your posts are good when you're not at the farm, too, Shuna. And you know how partial I am to farms!

Hi Shuna,

Do you know if Nancy sells any of her berries and/or eggs at her farm? We'll be up in Napa Valley this weekend, but sadly won't get there until after the market is closed on Friday.


I think I write from a different place when I'm here, yes. thanks for noticing. you have a keen eye & sense.

Yes, farms are special. I've been debating as to whether where I am is a farm or not, but I've been calling it that for so long I can't change now.

Anita-- Call Nancy to see if she has eggs. What she brings to the market is set aside for longstanding customers anyways. She also does a Seabastopol and a Santa Rosa market over he weekend so you will really want to touch base with her to see where she is when.

Although MG is in Healdsburg, and not in Napa, it's a gorgeous drive from Napa if you're up for going to her actual place. You, of all people, would really love it there. I hope you meet her!

I so desperately want to try frais de kills me. They are literally impossible to find...I have tried indeed.
You lucky duck you!

tana, you are right. i should have said the latest posts are exceptionally good than usual.

Wonderful - the photos and the descriptions have me salivating at my desk on a dreary dreary day.

Mmmmmmm, Sweet fabulous!

This one's really nice, too. You're onto a groove.

It's sad to read about farm after farm being destroyed by sprawl or by retiring owners. Perhaps some foodies at Google or other big-time firm could cash out their stock and continue the Middlebrook legacy when Nancy "goes."

Or perhaps a good model might be Fairview Gardens, that urban farm in Santa Barbara whose name I can't remember at the moment. Or it could become a teaching farm, connected with CIA's Napa outlet...

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