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15 June 2007


Ooh, do I see Rachel's aprium preserves?

I can tell what's missing.

Shuna ~

Such warmth and richness! The colors twist and blend together so naturally, coming up for air in hints of light. In pic 3, the lettering on the box stands alone beautifully, and is paired perfectly with just a few leaves behind. And then the next picture is my favorite - it just makes me smile. That one little white plate near the top, the peppermill's gorgeous subtle glow.... Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


Good Eye! (But you're the jam shark, right?)

Joe Fish,

the pizza? the dinner service? the boy?


well you're welcome. I am trying to get a handle on going back to SLR shooting and also the new fangled technology. Much of it is a surprise for when I get home to upload them! Magic, just like the old days!

Oh, oh, oh it's magic, you kno-o-ow, Never believe it's not so....

I am loving your new camera! Gorgeous.

I love these shots! You and the rebel make a hot couple. :-)

Wow, excellent photos. Makes me wish for something more than my little Canon that I can't even use properly. Those cherries on the side bar are scrumptious enough to make grab for them through the screen -- where are they? Also, I took your FANTASTIC pastry class a week ago. I am ready for another. Ever consider a series? And one idea for August: doughs, doughs, and more doughs (with fruit of course).

P.S. I found some wild plums on the trails behind my house. Cherry-size, kind of tart, look almost like Rainiers. I think I may make ice cream with them.

shuna! thank you for the *crush* ;)
now i need a nice snack...Mmmmmm...

I'm loving your new camera, Shuna. Good work!

thank you all on the good words about the shots. let me tell you, though, I have been editing like a mad! the shots that are far too over or underexposed are still far too many.

but I am loving what I can get when I am spot on. It's absolutely exhilerating to be back behind a camera where I call the shots...

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