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12 June 2007


Interesting - I just emailed you an article from the Times from last month...

i think they ought to close down all culinary schools. five years should suffice. way too many students churned out and not enough jobs.

the people featured in the sfweekly is just heartbreakingly sad.

wow! this "sfmike" takes awesome pictures!!

Thanks for turning me on to SFMike's blog: Fantastic!

I read the article and the situation there is a bummer. I graduated from CCA 20 years ago this August. At that time, I was told that I would be qualified to be a decent prep cook when I graduated and that I would have to work my way up. I am still happily in the industry and feel that it was $10,000 well spent. It would have taken years on the job to learn what I learned there in 16 months. It is a shame that CCA is a shell of its former self.

Wanna know what kinds of things the CCA spend their money on? They sent me a frickin Birthday Card!!!!!*%$@!*!!

he - it was a karaoke party, not a birthday party! And I am glad you and Mike got talking.

Before I went to Santa Rosa JC Baking and pastry program I was a lowly 7.50 an hour sample girl in costco. After spending some time and a few hundred bucks at the aforementioned program, you guessed it-still a sampler. But at least I managed to escape the sticky fingers of CCA. They left a bad taste in my mouth after the sickeningly sweet interview.

Sadly, CCA is no different than most other institutions of "higher learning."

For at least two generations running, our consumer culture has placed an emphasis on making its youth feel special and valued, rather than tangibly valuable. The result is an infantile, self-entitled, incompetent, over-confident citizenry.

I suppose the rationale is this: if we are destined to live and work in a service-based society that no longer creates things of value, we might as well find value in serving each other. Because after all, we're all so fucking special.

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