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11 July 2007


Oh what an inspiring top crust!

:taping tips of fingers together thoughtfully:

I've never seen a polka dot pie before

oh these whimsical pie crust cuttings make me smile so much! (and it looks soo yummy too!) :)

What! No finished picture? NO FAIR!

OK, I could contain myself before, but not until seeing these absolutely awesome amazing circles as a pie crust! That is so brilliant and lovely, I am going to have to make pie sometime this weekend. You see what you made me do?? :)

Hey, bring me a piece, will ya?



well I figure thst pies can come in all spots and stripes, right? Glad to be of inspirational service! ::blush::

Jenny, smiles abound indeed. Polka dots are so whimsical, n'est pas?

Aaron, hold your horse, girl, it's coming...

Radish, it is my pleasure to make people make pie. heh. stop back and tell us what you made, please.


are you kidding? One whole Oregon berry pie coming right up! {literally} xo

That has to be the cutest pie I have ever seen. I love polka dots, so why not make them edible. That was a great class Shuna; I can’t wait to use my beautiful crust.

A teeny weeny yellow polka dot....PIE!

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