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28 July 2007


Please never doubt that your voice is one that needs to be heard.

It was very nice to meet you at BlogHer; you are very passionate about what you do, and it makes me homesick for SF. Thanks for the apple pie tips, and I'll definitely try your recipe (for "letting the apple shine through").

Thank you for letting us peek in to you life and work, for sharing your knowledge without any conditons.

Leaving a comment is the least I can do in return for all that I have learnt.


I just emailed Mary and I wanted to tell you! I hope she gets in touch with me because you know how I feel about ice cream.

(and this post, a lot of great questions I'm enjoying meditating over).

hey Shuna,
What a long and exciting road trip you're on!
Thanks for sharing tips from BlogHer.I was inspired to learn more... I've already tried (ok, unsuccessfully, as yet!) to install a counter on my site...
talk soon,

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