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27 July 2007


Shuna - Nothing is better than having your very own Shuna-Fish cheering section! Thanks for your wildly enthusiastic support at the session. Mega-hugs, Elise

Thanks for bringing this to those of us who can't make it there. Very useful.


Part of being a perfect gentleman is also knowing how to wear a flauncy skirt in my actions.

And Barbara,

Can I tell you how much this comment means to me? I was a little worried it was too boring/technical, but it's what's happening, what's inspiring for me right now, so I am happy to share it!

Shuna, wish I had been able to be at BlogHer, but having you there "translating" and searching out the good stuff is the next best thing.

Great write up Shuna, thank you. This has proved more useful than my notes. I'm glad you were able to make it out to the food blog dinner with us. Take care,

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