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26 July 2007


Must Eats/Sees:

Thai Star Cafe on State St.: (Bring your own beer, hole in the wall, amazing pad Thai).

Trotters To Go: Charlie's deli.

Weiner's Circle: Great dogs, great burgers, amazingly abusive counter staff after the sun goes down.

If you make it to the South Side (if, for example, you're flying out of Midway) go to Mabenka's on 79th and Pulaski. Lituanian and Polish food. Eat a piece of kugele the size of your own head.

Wish I was there...

I saw a guy in Seattle with a "Challah back!" t-shirt. But nothing beats challah french toast with bacon!

P.S. Good luck at BlogHer, and enjoy!


We are going to try to get to that Lith/Pol resto! Thank you thank you thank you! JUST what I wanted!


another Jew with a love for bacon? fatback kisses to you!

Mary-- I called information and could not find Mabenka's... just so you know. We did find a place although I feel that your place might have been better.

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