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01 August 2007


Hi Shuna! It was great meeting you at Blogher!

I'm looking forward to catching up on your past and future posts!

Hi Shuna,

It was really nice to finally meet you in person. Makes things more real, doesn't it? I hope for a future time too, perhaps in Boston, or in SF!

I read about this on "Still Life With" -- and it finally popped up this morning on the Apple Store's schedule site. I work right across Market Street, so I'm definitely planning to go.

Thanks so much for posting this info. I'll do my best to be there.

It was wonderful hearing you speak at BlogHer. I met you briefly at last year's conference, and am in awe of your passion and compassion.

I so wish I could have been there - it sounds wonderful. Plus all these amazing people you have met!

Beard Papa - what a fascinating name! I'm interested in its etymology - I wonder if it owes anything to the french term for cotton candy, which is "Barbe a Papa", or "Daddy's beard"? Do they serve cotton candy at Beard Papa?

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