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31 July 2007


no Garretts caramel corn?

you need to go back!

Shuna, I loved "meeting you" in Chicago. I attended your wonderful foodblogging panel discussion, and I also accosted you right before the Craft panel to tell you how much I enjoyed it. You're so bright and funny, I hung on your every word, both during your panel and during the speaker's training Thursday afternoon.

I also appreciated your experience and emotion on the subject of "The New Foodbloggers" and the power their keyboards can wield.

Thanks for being a very positive presence at Blogher.

a.k.a. "Pioneer Woman"

You don't have cicada where you are? I guess I never thought of them as NOT being anywhere in the states. That is THE ubiquitous sound of summer for me. The scream early in the day that let's you know it will be a scorcher (we called them heat bugs) and then the later rhythm in the evening.
All in all it sounds like a delicious time.

Don't you just love the bean? I do.

Wait, you have to pay an extra 75 cents for the stacked waitresses?

I agree with David -- you must have Garrett's the next time you hit the Windy City!

I hope my first trip to Cali (whenever that is) will be as whirlwind as your trip to Chicago!

I am in love with your blog. I honestly feel privileged to have met you!


"no Garretts caramel corn?" yes, no caramel corn... where were you last week when we were taking suggestions?! Yes, I did hear that Chicago is famous for its popcorn but we had little time....


Thanks so much for coming by again. I've been to both your sights and I am flabbergasted that I've not visited you yet before! Your words are taken into the folds of my heart.

I'm sure you know, from sitting on a panel yourself, that it feels odd and in-cohesive being up there, so the feedback from those listening is Most helpful! I hope you stop by eggbeater again-- we are always happy to hear from new voices!


I, too, thought that I would hear cicadas my whole life long, but they appear to be more rare than they ever were when i was a child. And I have never seen nor heard one on this West Coast of ours. I do so remember their whining and think of their sound as summer, but alas, not out thisaway...


YES. We Loved the Bean! I should like to see it one day in full daylight. next time fo sho.


hey now-- don u be gettin' me in trouble!

Amara's Mom,

How utterly sweet you are.
::blushing eggbeater::

It was wondrous to meet you as well. I hope we meet again, at Blogher 08 if not before!

Shuna, reading about your amazing and varied experiences in Chicago, I'm sorry we didn't actually get a chance to talk at dinner. I really admire people who "get" cities--and my city, in particular. Beautiful photography too!

Oh my gosh..Finkl! I grew up very near there. My friends & I would walk down there from my house to see the foundry at night on our way to the rock clubs on Clybourn ave.. Not a safe thing to do back when I was 17. It wasn't so pretty looking as it is now.
I hope that Italian Ice came from Mario's.
Reading your blog has really made me miss home.

Terry B,

"I really admire people who "get" cities--and my city, in particular. " I cannot begin to say you're welcome for a statement such as this. All I can say is, the pleasure was all mine. I've been a secret admirer of Chicago since a long long time ago. Very glad to have finally had a chance to see and taste!


I can see the smoke & the teased hair now! I am so glad to have been able to capture even a glimmer of the immensity of your past home. I really like to see a city when I go to one for the first time. I pay attention to every last detail that i can so that, like a person, I can remember the city's features.

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