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16 July 2007


Was just there on Friday eve! Grilled Squid-so tender, so smoky, ummm w/sausage, and the fishboard is so fun for those who like to play with their food-love the Krogstag aquavit. You've hit so many great spots--impressive--but know that there are still other enticing spots--something to look forward to for your next visit, n'est ce pas? Like Le Pigeon, Biwa, Rocket, Simpatica dining Hall for brunch (fried chicken 'n waffles, yee-haw, and boudin blanc w/saurkraut, etc), and others. And so glad you discovered Por Que No--somehow a table on the sidewalk, with the sun setting, some ceviche, a taco medley, and that hibiscus juice-so flagrantly violet-is my happy idea of "summer in the city." And and--hopefully you can/will make it to Nancy/Din Johnson's Ristretto Roasters-one of the smoothest espresso drinks in Portland-but wait, thought you didn't do coffee? Ah, but you do espresso. ? Hmmm. In any case, all good eats and delicious drinks. Cheers, Heather

I'd love to read your full review of Clyde Common soon! Thanks...

Cool decor but frightening menu for those that are veg.

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