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23 July 2007


Wait a minute...did the cauliflower hater order cauliflower soup? I'm intrigued...

Well, I was with three other people... and Yes, I did dip my spoon in a few times.

I don't hate cauliflower. Hate is such a strong word.

Hey- turn me on to your favorite cauliflower method... you know me-- I'm almost always hungry!


try this....

caramelized cauliflower

trim the base a little, then set the whole cauliflower upright and slice into about one-half inch pieces...cut the center slices, with thicker stem center, into smaller pieces.

spread into a single layer in a shallow sided roasting pan (I use a big cast iron skillet), drizzle with good olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and roast at 350F until well browned and a little crispy at the edges, 30-40 minutes

drizzle with even more good olive oil and devour.

Two people can easily eat an entire head of cauliflower cooked like this.


Oh SFL, thanks for throwing me some sugar! Comments really are a way of bouncing back some of the light that you switch on inside of us, your readers, so lucky for your insight and gorgeous writing. Looking forward to your Chicago sojourn. I used to live in Wicker Park, not far from the Damen El (blue line); I hope you make it to that neighborhood. Cheers and happy trails, Heather

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